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"Teddi!" the little pokemon yelled a it used the now retreating (albeit slowly) Clamperl as a springboard and aiming its scratch attack at the next of the annoying clamper. Gau, whilst till focused on the battle, noticed that someone was watching from further off than everyone else, trying to be inconspicuous, which was of course, conspicuous. He was shaken from his thought by the view of a little brown furball of doom ramming, very hard into the clamperl pushing it back into the one behind it.

In the confusion of that moment, Gau saw an opportunity to take out the next one, and despite his insecurities about giving command he was not going to miss it.
"Teddiursa!" the bear pokemon looked at him briefly before returning its eyes to the battle "Covet, straight into the shell!" Teddiursa paw took on a pink, vaguely heart-shaped glow as it trusted it into the clamperls shell, withdrawing a small pearl. Teddiursa was taken by surprise, clearly not expecting to actually find something in the shell. She rolled the shiny orb to Gau and turned to face the pokemon she had just robbed, it was in bad shape having taken a STAB Covet and Scratches from Teddiursa and numerous attacks from Jinxey.

"Scratch it again!" Teddiursa lunged for the clamperl colliding with the weak, pink body inside the shell... as the shell closed. Teddiursa was now inadvertently rooming with the Clamperl... which was still being hammered by attacks from Jinxey.
"Well that's interesting" said Gau, fighting the urge to reach into his pack for a notepad and a pen.
What a peculiar situation... I have never seen nor heard of this happening before. Gau figured he may as well use the situation to his advantage, the clamperl was, you could tell from the water that rhythmically flowed out form the middle of the closed shell. Since Teddiursa couldn't escape it was going to hit it over and over again. But it couldn't escape either.
"Hit it till it lets you out!" called Gau, the aggressive tactic garnering him a surprised look from Willow, who seemed to have finally come back down to Earth long enough to notice Teddiursa's new house.

"Teddi! Teddi Teddi" was heard, muffled by the shell but the irritation in the tone was certainly clear. After a few more attacks the shell opened and Teddiursa tumbled out revealing the, now fainted, clamperl. Teddiursa stood up ready to take on the last of the trio. Gau looked at Willow, he'd let her take the lead this time, he was very interested to see what she would do.