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What is/are your favourite Champions from the game? Why?
Vayne and Ezreal because these are the only two AD carrys that I really like to play other than Caitlyn who I'm getting better with. Diana and Zyra, I've mained these two since they came out. Diana because of her kit which can stick to one target. Zyra because her ultimate and that knockup that it gives can change the tides of team fights. Leona and Sona support wise. Leona because I like to be agressive. Sona because no one expects the Flash Crescendo, right?

What is your preferred position? (Mid, Top, Bot, or Jungle)
Mid, or bot lane as AD Carry or Support. I have jungled Diana a lot in Season 2, but not yet in Season 3.

Who are your least favourite champions? Why?
Malphite because of his ult and the effect it has. Skarner because who likes being dragged around? Teemo just because he's Teemo -.-
There are tons more who I can't remember at this moment.

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