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Which Eeveelution is most useful in battling?
Without a doubt, Vaporeon.
It's not my favorite pokemon only becase it's beautiful and cute and all that, but also because it's a true partner in any team, and any battle as well.
It's super sp.bulkness makes it resist almost every electric attacks with at least some HP if well trained, considering that almost every electric damage dealing move is special. And grass doesn't really scares Vappy 'cos it has Ice Beam.
That being said, lets go to other battling facts:
  • Vaporeon can be anything as well in game as competitively:
    It has a very good special attack, and with the right moveset and all, it can be a very good and resistent sweeper. It also has acess to many supporting movesets, being able to Baton Pass as well as making a Wish. If this wasn't enough, it's also an awesome tank thanks to it's gorgeous sp.bulk and learnset with some EV training in def.: it has acess to Acid Armor and Aqua Ring, as well as some other good stuff.
    Vaporeon can last longer than the other classic sweepers eeveelutions like jolteon and espeon, thus making more damage and being more efficient.

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EDITT: :o oh, I wanna make a story too! ERrr....i'm so late
Welcome CH! It's good to see you here.

Answering your question, you can take part on the event, just let me know if you really want to and then I'll put yout username in the participants list, since we don't have a large number anyway. :)
You must PM me you story until dec 22th.