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Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
I'm pretty sure both games run at the same FPS, so it's mostly engine enhancements that we're looking at.

And I don't really have all the graphics I want from HGSS. For example, I don't have a Prof. Rowan sprite.

As well, I don't plan to change any Pokemon stat data, however, locations in which they are obtained may classify them as "hacked". I'd use AS Pokemon with caution.
I Just read bulbapedia and I was wrong

Originally Posted by Bulbapedia
The Games speed with some features is faster compared to Diamond and Pearl, particularly while surfing and during battles. These improvements make the game almost as fast as the Generation III games, though the player still walks slower than the Generation III standard, and the FPS of Platinum is only 30.
Although Platinum is faster when it comes to surfing and Battling Making it almost as fast as the generation III Games

Why do you need a Professor Rowan Sprite in HGSS? Anyway
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