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    Originally Posted by mr.Alpha View Post
    Rate: 7.5/10
    Map Name: No name, it's just a sample map I made some days ago.
    ROM: Pokemon Fire Red.
    Description: Just a sample map, as said before. It's the first map I made in some time, so it could have some errors I didn't see It's meant to be a forest on a mountain.

    I know the water is square, just thought of that too....
    I'd like to start off by saying that for a forest, this map is too unnatural. Considering the setting (a forest on a mountain), it looks much too organised and man-made. The paths are too straight, the trees are organised too square like and it really does not give off that feeling of a forest, nor does it make it feel like it's an important location on top of a mountain. You really want to exaggerate the idea that it's unexplored and too difficult to build cleanly on. The trees need to be spread out more, the grass needs to be spaced out and the paths are way too straight. Their definitely needs to be some sort of mountainous area, maybe minor hills that you have to move over or around. The water is also way too cleanly organised, it needs to be more natural. I'd also vary the trees, you've got the skinny tree, use it. Mixing the trees up and having them overlap each other differently will help the map immensely. Another thing that annoys me is how you've organised the edges to be like a mountain border, don't do that. It needs to cut into the area more, and you should not be able to see the other side in game, take a look at how Nintendo did the route before Mount Moon in FR/LG and see how they used that extra space. Right now the map looks too big to be played on, but if you take what I said into account it should be much better.


    Happy mapping!