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    Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
    1. I don't plan to use the BW overworld style. The way the graphics are for the 4th gen, they'd look too tall.
    2. I plan to incorporate a TV network into the region, so I may have a new location. That's been an idea floating in my head for a month or so.
    3. I may do that, but if I did, I'd have to start off in Platinum, as coding Battle Frontier events is very difficult.
    4. Yes, I just need someone to do graphics for me.
    5. If I'm able to change the Pokedex order, I may, otherwise I'll just start with the National Dex and offer only Hoenn Pokemon until the Pokemon League is finished.
    Ok here is the intro.narc for Prof.Birch(just replace Intro.narc)(Please credit me if you use it, it took a long time to fix errors with Crystal Tile2)
    If you need to change anything like the sprite then feel free to!

    BTW Do you want Sapphire Brendan and May or Ruby Brendan and May?
    -Unless you want Emerald Brendan and May?

    -I'll start working on Birch Intro since I've already imported May into Diamond.
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