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awk I just posted in this club without properly introducing myself LOL

PC Username: EmeraldSerenade
Summoner Name: Hanami, impurexshots (PBE)

What is/are your favourite Champions from the game? Why?
My all time favorite champion is probably Lux. I picked her up as my first mid ever when I first signed up for league and have main'd her since level 5. Her ult is probably one of the reasons why I love her so much, and DAT LAUGH.

What is your preferred position? Honestly, I prefer mid and bot support because I've pretty much got both of those down, but I'm willing to do any role if anyone can't fill one in.

Who are your least favourite champions? Why?
...I really don't like Viktor and Shaco.. both of them are annoying as helllll.

Feel free to add me or hmu on here :D