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    Xoxaa Illiphia

    The High Priestess

    "I will be able to ask one of the maids to lend you something more in your tastes," reassures the woman as they arrive in town only a few blocks away from the Famiglia mansion.

    "Oh, thank you! I hope they don't try to dress me like a sl-t though," thanks the younger woman, a concerning, contemplative tone in her voice as she prepares herself for the worst case scenario.

    In no time they reach the mansion, their missions complete and hopefully with enough time to spare to adequately ready themselves for the ball. They are greeted in the courtyard by some maids, rushing over to the two and striking up a conversation with the older woman. One of the maids races up to Xoxaa with a wet towel in the maid's hands, surprising her which forces her back a few steps in order to reclaim her spatial comfort.

    "Uh... no thanks!" blurts Xoxaa, backing away while waving her hands in front of her to keep the maid at bay.

    Her superior effectively dismisses the maids present so that they can proceed into the mansion, which they do so. Finally arriving home, they can prepare for the event, hopefully with few obstacles left once Xoxaa can find suitable attire for the event later that night. If she possesses enough fortune, maybe she can get by with proper, plain attire and avoid attracting too much attention. Her plan is set for the rest of the day: find an outfit, wash up, dress up, and find a quiet corner at the ball where she can blend in and go unnoticed by the others. It's sure to be an ideal plan, but she'll have to account for unforeseen circumstances, which tend to be a given in any scenario according to her life experiences.
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