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    Oda Baldotter
    The following events move by fairly quickly for Oda, as she acquires the best outfit she could find that seemed to fit Xoxaa's preferences, and left it with the young woman to prepare for the Ball, after offering a smile and once again congratulating her on the work done for Sword that night. After that meeting, she retreated to her personal quarters with the intent to sharpen her piano skills until the Ball actually began, for she only needed to clean when covered by foreign substances, of which there had been none that night. And her day-to-day outfit would serve well enough for this event, as it had all the others before.

    Oda closed the blinds to her quarters, leaving the room mostly in darkness, save for the few candles she lit that would help her concentrate on the flow of feelings through her fingers and to the strings of her piano. It was quite grand, having been bought with personal savings and crafted by the finest artisan she could get into contact with. Its surface was sleek and black, propped up by polished hardwood that revealed the golden strings beneath, more fitting for a performance artist than her personal effects, but she appreciated the gesture regardless.

    The scent of the candles provided a placebo effect for the woman, as she took a seat at her stool and began to play tunes from memory. Her fingers didn't need her to think of the tunes, for they moved on muscle memory to characterize the day so far, the night before, and each significant event she'd seen that day. Many long nights were spent reading songbooks, most of them borrowed from the library, that gave her plenty of a backlog to choose from. But, there was no perfect tune for her to play, and that was the goal of her practice; to find musical perfection personified.

    Echoes of music rang out across Oda's quarters, as a sharp knock at her door draw the Swede from her reverie and drew her to answer whoever was calling. Nobody seemed to like having their personal space invaded, and she was no exception, but she was prepared to chastise a maid with comments that her room was plenty tidy already. Only to find, standing on the other side, one of the regular members of Sword that served as protection for the mansion itself. "Commander Telarius has ordered that you be on guard duty today, Adept Baldotter." He greeted the woman of higher rank with a salute.

    Oda saluted the man in turn, but the recent expression of emotions left her somewhat less tactful than she otherwise would have been. "Unfortunately, that's not in my job description. Goodbye." She answered, firmly closing her door before the Apprentice could stumble over what he should say to the Commander. With that over with, she checked the time and spotted that the Ball was soon to begin, and there was perhaps one final preparation she needed to finish first.

    Within a few minutes, Oda had replaced her regular sword-sheath with a fine ceremonial one, lined with golden sink that would serve only to make her look ostentatious in regular duty. With one brief look on the mirror, she felt the urge to check her Arcana Mark just once before attending. But resisted; she didn't want to deal with it just yet. There was a minor hitch in her plan to attend the Ball unaccompanied, as Gem the maid was by her side asking questions once again.

    The Adept of Swords was finally on her way to the Annual Famiglia Ball.
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