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Camellia de Telarius - #20 Judgement

“Camellia, hurry up, we a mission,” Camellia smirked, making a note to take longer to get ready seeing as Ari wanted her to rush. “Remember, pick something cute, it’s the ball and maybe you’ll get a guy to look at you twice.”

“Perfection cannot be rushed,” She replied as she slipped into a comfy fitting bra and matching black underwear. “The guys already look at me more than twice, it’s the fact that none of them can even touch this without me knowing,” she signalled up and down making sure Ari took in her curves and definitions; emphasising the fact further.

Camellia picked herself through the mess that lay scattered on the floor towards her wardrobe that held her more exquisite dresses. The oaken doors groaned as they opened to reveal the wide array of dresses arranged within. Almost every colour in the spectrum was represented by at least one dress, making Camellia’s wardrobe look like the inside of a rainbow. The left door held a full length mirror displaying Camellia’s entire body as well as Ari scowling in the background, while the right door had boxes and hooks filled with jewellery of differing stones and shapes. Most, if not all the items in the wardrobe had been brought for her from suitors or family members, even some of Flint’s more exotic presents lay in the deeper recesses of the wardrobe.

She started with a Scarlett Red dress, cut fairly low and ending just below her knees. Bringing it to cover the front of her body, she critiqued the dress, going through the possibilities of what she would wear it with. “I think this dress is a little too revealing, don’t you agree?” She directed the comment at Ari, but did not turn around to look at her, continuing to compare the dress against her figure.

“You’re right, it is too revealing,” Camellia replied before Ari even had a change to open her mouth. She simply tossed it to the side so it lay slumped over the arm of the chair in her room, running her fingers through the array of dresses at her disposal. Her eyes caught a Midnight Blue dress, her fingers following soon after to pluck the dress from its place in the light spectrum of her closet. This one only lasted two seconds before she threw it over her shoulder; the dress hitting the side of the bed and falling to the ground. Ari could only watch as Camellia threw these expensive dresses around like they were some sort of durable toy; obviously she had little view of money and the cost of things.

This lasted for several more dresses, each one being pulled from its place on the rack before being tossed to one side or the other and ending up cast around the room as if a tornado had decided to rip through the room at that point. Ari could do nothing but curse and hurry Camellia along, to which Camellia replied with aggravatingly happy replies and decided to take even longer. Soon Camellia had piled through at least a quarter of her available wardrobe making her room look like the aftermath of a paint ball fight before she finally decided on what dress she would wear.

“Let’s go do our make up before the ball starts, Ari!” She responded energetically to her bored superior that had resorted to burying her face in Camellia’s sheets. Happy to finally be over with the arguably torturous event that was Camellia’s choosing of clothing, she grabbed her by the shoulder and practically pushed her out of her room and out the front door, passing Marcus briefly with a “hello”.

Once outside, the bumped into yet another stark naked Aerous, “Hello Cammy! How are you? Hi to you as well Ari.” Camellia blushed before replying, “Ah, Did you forget that you had a wardrobe of clean clothes Aerous?” Camellia asked, looking at Ari after she finished.

“Are you not able to afford clothes? Dear God, Camellia let’s take this as an example of what not to look for in a man,” Ari clasped her hand over her mouth after her statement to stifle her laughter. “You need someone with more… Just more everything.”

“Oh yeah! I forgot about that, thanks! I couldn't find my clothes when I got out of the shower so I went looking for them. I best go get dressed for the ball now!”

While Ari decided to have her judgemental overview of the lack of Aerous’ clothes and everything else he lacked, which apparently was a lot according to Ari, Camellia had the sudden realisation that during her rifling through her wardrobe, she had completely forgotten to add some jewellery. Returning to her room, she picked out the Blue Agate crystal earrings that Beck had gotten her for her 21st Birthday as well as the Rose Quartz Camellia pendant Marcus had gifted to her on her induction into the Family and assimilation wither her Arcana card. To top it off, she slipped on a couple of rings on her right hand; one Flint had brought back for her from his travel eastwards, featuring two anti-parallel lines running around the entire circumference of the ring; according to him, a symbol of Longevity. Blinged out, she returned to the corridor just as Ari dismissed Aerous and tugged the shoulder of Camellia’s dress, beckoning her forward and in the opposite direction to Aerous.

“Camellia, are you coming or not? And, no, Aerous you’re not invited to walk with us.”

“Sure thing, Boss!” She replied energetically, skipping ahead of Ari with make-up in hand, heading towards Ari’s room where Camellia would torture Ari slowly as she applied make up to the both of them.

Once in Ari’s quarters, Camellia moved a chair in front of the door, effectively locking it from any intruders. Pulling up another chair, she sat Ari down, thinking of possibly adding bonds to keep her in place while Camellia coloured in her face. “Darken the outside of those eyes to bring out those beautiful lavender eyes of yours… contour the nose to make it seem not as big… pluck those stray eyebrow hairs…” Camellia muttered to herself like a maniac as she set to work on Ari’s face and within moments, took a step back and brushed off imaginary sweat from her brow. She handed Ari a mirror to assess the damaged before leaving to do her own. “You look so pretty! Marcus is sure to fall for you tonight,” she said offhandedly as she helped herself to Ari’s bathroom mirror, “Ari and Marcus sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…” she trailed off in a sing song voice while she painted her own face.

Half an hour later and Camellia approached to hall where the Annual Famiglia Ball was to take place, her arm linked with Ari as she got use to the high heeled shoes she had quickly put on around the corner. Two guards opened up the door for them and Camellia walked in amazed; bespectacled by the amount of effort the Family had gone to for the ball. The streamers and decorations, the band playing near the central podium, the bowl of punch and the massive ice sculpture that towered over the food.

“Ari, can we please go lick that sculpture?” She giggled.
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