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Ultimate Red Monocolor Challenge SoulSilver Update #5

-Got the Mirror Coat from the guy on the SS Aqua, which means it was finally time to PokeSav evolve Umberto into a Scizor!
-Got the TM for Psychich in Saffron to teach to Ygritte
-Went straight to Celadon, and after a whole lot more hours in the Game Corner (thank goodness I find Voltorb Flip relaxing), I had enough coins to purchase Zed the Porygon (the team member Billy was filling in for) and the TM for Thunderbolt to teach to it. Also taught it Shadow Ball
-Went to Silph Co., picked up the Up-grade, and evolved Zed into Porygon2
-Stannis and Umberto took a trip to Celadon to take care of Erika
-Went down to Fuchsia. Janine turned out to be tougher than expected, with everyone getting some battle time
-Did some training along the east coast, catching up Zed with the rest of the team
-Ended up in Saffron, where Umberto took out Sabrina with no issue
-Went south where Ygritte and Stannis took down Lt. Surge
-Got Ygritte the TM for Grass Knot
-Blahblah Power Plant Blah Misty got rocked by Zed and Ygritte
-Brock turned into an entire team affair since both of my teammates that had super-effective moves against Rock were also weak to Rock
-Of course Blaine’s Magmar had to have ThunderPunch, so Stannis and Zed had to help Pyke take him out
-Grinded out a couple E4 runs so I could beat Blue with a bit more dignity
-The fight was still a challenge. Some Revives were thrown around
-Caught Everest the Machop in Rock Tunnel, taught it Rock Climb (which I just got from Oak), got the Magmarizer on Cinnibar and the Dubios Disc way back on Route 42
-With these new items in hand, “evolved” Stannis into a Magmortar and Zed into a Porygon-Z. FINALLY got to teach Stannis Earthquake


The Team:

Umberto the Scizor ♀, Lv.50 @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Technician
-Wing Attack
-Double Hit
-Night Slash

Stannis the Magmortar ♂, Lv.49 @ Quick Claw
Ability: Flame Body
-Confuse Ray
-Focus Blast

Pyke the Red Gyarados ♂, Lv.52
Ability: Intimidate
-Ice Fang
-Dragon Dance

Ygritte the Jynx ♀, Lv.51 @ NeverMeltIce
Ability: Oblivious
-Ice Beam
-Grass Knot
-Fake Tears

Zed the Porygon-Z, Lv.53 @ Magnet
Ability: Adaptability
-Conversion 2
-Tri Attack
-Shadow Ball


Eddie the Ledian ♂, Lv.21
Ability: Early Bird
-Comet Punch
-Mach Punch

Billy the Electrode, Lv.43
Ability: Static
-Charge Beam
-Light Screen

HM Slaves:
Castanet the Krabby: Surf, Strength, Cut, Whirlpool
Knightbus the Hoothoot: Fly
Everest the Machop: Rock Climb
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