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I was planning on having the MMORPG MAO follow the stories from the old pokémon games, but programmed to be more fitting for multiplayer, and of course there is a deeper story that wasn't meant to be in the game of MAO before the lockdown, with twists and explanations to the situation and all... but the main thing with this RP will probably be the interactions and actions of our characters in a more sandbox-styled way.

Something fun though - this is a brand new game so there's bound to be a few bugs around the corner, and I'm not talking Ledyba...

I think it would be quite slow and boring if I controlled all the quest givers and made them part of the bigger story. So you can make up your own quest givers and quests if you want, but then you can't have them giving you too important items of course. I'm not sure if I should allow TMs to be in your own invented rewards or not, hmm.

I'll also be suggesting some more important quest givers in the description of each area though (if there are any), and these are yours to bunny according to my descriptions. Sometimes these will have you do things that are part of MAO's main story, and sometimes they just have rewards that are a bit more important than others.

Actually, I can post the info on the first areas now so that you'll see kind of what I mean. Keep in mind that these first areas are all accessible at the start of the game so they aren't overly exciting, perhaps :p I'll wait with posting Violet City until we start playing though.
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