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    Can I sign up? If so...
    Real Name: Stanley

    Real Age: 13

    Real Gender: Male

    Personality: A guy that likes to hog stuff. I find my little brother very annoying, because he always lies about stuff he did. I have a lot of nightmares.

    History: I am a 13 year old boy, and I love pokemon. I was born in England, but now live in Belgium.

    Avatar Name: Cash

    Avatar Age: 12

    Avatar Gender: Male

    Avatar Appearance:

    Starter Pokémon:
    • Level 13
    • Nickname: Draking
    • Ability: Rock Head
    • Gender: Female
    • Nature: Docile

    Roleplay Sample: This is my first RP... here goes nothing! I am Gary in thin thingy.
    Gary went to the crowd in the National park to see what was going on.

    'We are holding A Bug Catching Contest from now on, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday!'

    The crowd erupted! They had been waiting for this for months!

    'Sign up inside that building on the right!'

    Everyone rushed to sign up. But Gary was not that interested. He could just find them himself. He went off to the park and found a Caterpie under a tree. It was asleep, so Gary would have an easy time capturing it. He walked up to the Caterpie quietly, and then threw a Great ball. He was waiting... But the Caterpie had got out of the Great ball and was very wide awake. Caterpie then looked at the people participating in the Bug Catching Contest, and thought all his friends were going to great trainers, who would take care of them, make their breakfast and be a good friend, so caterpie said 'Caterpie, Cate Caterpie!' It meant 'I wannna join you. Throw a Pokeball! Gary threw a Luxury Ball at it, and the Caterpie was caught.

    Gary went back to Goldenrod City, to have his second attempt at Whitney.
    Meet a guy that wants to be a rom hacker.
    Just trying... I'm probably not even 1% as good as most people, but I'm trying!
    Also, I have pokemon soulsilver to play, but I do not do trades, battles or anything online.
    Of course, you can ask me stuff, but I won't usually know the answer
    You like my signature? If you do, I owe you 100 bucks. Just messing with ya!
    Oh yeah, I have super pokemon rumble too. All of you guys are awesome
    Skitty smiley!
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