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I really love how gorgeous your graphics look. Seriously, pretty much all your Dante pieces are superb! Plus, even though you're not as free as you should be, and you seem to use a particular consistent style for most of the stuff you produce in your shop, they still look really good (thank you once again for mine). <3

I think my personal favorite element for each of your graphics would have to be the text. They are all sleek, consistently good, and well-placed; and you almost always hit the right fonts whenever you get to that step.

One huge exception for that would be this one though! That is one heck of a tag, probably the best looking out of all of them. Next to the Dante ones and this one I'm wearing right now, of course. It shows that even without text, you still pull through. But yeah they all look really good, and whatever complicated techniques you might have applied to them certainly attest to your skill level as an artist.

For your last two (or four) tags, I really like the second version of each, personally. The first of the four kind of distracts my eyes with the greenish smudge, which I think was remedied when you decided to remove it, because by then my focus snapped back to Mihawk himself. I really like how it turned out both ways though, albeit I feel it's a bit empty compared to your other tags. As for the one you're wearing right now, I like it a lot, too. I really don't know what to think about the top version because Luffy kind of fades in the background, while the stock image sort of suggests that he do otherwise. I think the brighter colors of the bottom version look a little better, although that is just my opinion.

Nevertheless, everything is amazing Derozio! You continue to be my inspiration, so keep up the awesome work.
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