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    I don't own either HG/SS yet (infact that is the reason I joined up) but in the original Pokemon Red/Yellow I used a Gyarados and when Gold came out I got the red Gyarados from then onwards (my starter was the grass type I think).

    Surprised so many people don't like it, in the first 2 generations it was one of the most powerful pokemon in the game (stronger than the starter water pokemon in stats with a more diverse ability list), interesting because it evolves from the weakest pokemon in the game, i always got excited having a Magikarp on my team because I knew at level 20 it would evolve into something that was far beyond the strength of any other pokemon at the same level, even if attacks wise it was lacking (just tackle and bite at 20)

    I don't know how it fairs in the newer generations though, but I would expect If (when) I grab a copy of Soul Silver it will find itself on my team.
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