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Name: Pokemon: Hearts of War
Program: RPG Maker XP
Main Dev: WinterKirby

Hearts of War is actually a forum RP I did a while back, on a different site, but I was never able to get it off the ground. But I was still very fond of the idea. Especially the region and storyline itself. Now, with some tweaking and poking around, I've managed to modify it to fit a one-player storyline.

It was believed that when Michael took down Greevil fifty years ago, that Team Cipher was eliminated completely and the idea of Shadow Pokemon was banished to the depths of history. Well, that's not entirely true. Cipher has now migrated to the Ikoto Region under a new leader and a new name, Team Umbra. Their leader, who goes by the pseudonym Noxus, is a mysterious and charismatic man, whose concealed identity leads to many strange speculations on who he is. No one has ever seen his face, not even the three admins who work directly under him. Those three admins oversee the progress of the Shadow Pokemon project, and also provide Noxus with strategic advice.

Using the research obtained from the creation of XD001, Noxus began their plot for domination by capturing the weather trio, Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza, and created XD002, 003, and 004, respectively. With the ability to alter the weather to his beck and call, Noxus has the power to reduce the entire region to a wasteland, and remake it in his own image. In response, the Ikoto Pokémon league has started gathering new trainers to combat this threat. They come from all over the region, and will be trained throughout all of the region.

You are one of these trainers. You just moved into Beryl City not too long ago, and now you will find out that everything isn't all peachy in Ikoto.

Here's a NEW map of Ikoto.
The region itself is located southwest of Orre.


J9,K9) Beryl Town
A small town by the coast, Beryl Town is home to the region's leading Pokemon researcher, and it also has one of Ikoto's 3 ports. (STARTING TOWN)

F9) Malachite City
Malachite City is located right by the forest of the same name. The only impressive thing here is the gym, which specializes in Normal Types. (GYM TOWN 1)

D7,D8) Diamond City
On the summit of Mt. Carbon is the shining City of Diamond. The entrance to the Diamond Cave is found in this city. Small diamonds line the walls of this cave, but the main feature is that it is told that a legendary Pokemon dwells within the depths of this cave. The Gym Leader here uses Rock Types. (GYM TOWN 2)

B9) Jade Town
A well-sized village located near the base of Mt. Carbon is also home to the region's Bug-Type gym. (GYM TYPE 3)

B5,A5) Spinel City
Spinel City is home to the Ikoto Communications Tower, which controls all wireless communication in the region. Team Umbra has made this a primary target.

D5) Amethyst Town
Located in a pass between Mt. Carbon and Mt. Pyrite, Amethyst Pass is also a big target for Team Umbra. The reason is that it is the home of Lan, the creator and owner of the Pokémon Storage System. If Team Umbra controls this, trainers would lose the capability of withdrawing and depositing Pokémon.

B3) Turquoise City
The Gym Leader of this town, along with his students, has managed to keep it safe and drive out Umbra, to prevent them from accessing the Lake. The Gym Leader here uses Ice Types. (GYM TOWN 4)

G5) Emerald City
Located in the treetops of the Emerald Forest, Emerald City is home to the Flying Gym in Ikoto. Because of the forest's thickness, Emerald City has been well protected from occupation. (GYM TOWN 5)

I6,I7) Thourmali Town
Thourmali houses Ikoto's airport. It also is the location of the Pokémon Day Care.

H1) Garnet City
Garnet City is home to the Dragon-Type Gym. Also found in the northern end of the town is the Graveyard and Mausoleum. (GYM TOWN 6)

J2) Sapphire Shore
Sapphire Shore's main export is clothing and textile. It also is home to one of Ikoto's 2 ports.

L3) Lazuli City
Orikoto's largest port is in Lazuli City. It is also the location of Ikoto's Fighting Type Gym. (GYM TOWN 7)

E3) Citrine City
Citrine City is home to the Psychic Gym. (GYM TOWN 8)

D1,D2) Aurum Tower
The location of the Pokemon League and Victory Road.

N6) Obsidian Depth
An island where Trainers can show their strength, similar to Mt. Battle of its neighboring region, Orre. The deeper you go, the stronger the opponent's become, and at the bottom floor, resides a very powerful trainer that not many people have ever gotten to.

D7) Diamond Cave
Rumored to be home to a legendary Pokemon, one of the three Pokemon in Orikoto capable of purifying Shadow Pokémon, the walls of this cave are lined with small diamonds.

B6) Silica Power Plant
This plant provides power to the entire region, and is home to many electric-type Pokémon.

B2) Turquoise Lake
Although there have been no recent reported sightings, a legendary Pokemon is said to live at this lake. With the nearby city protecting it, Turquoise Lake is unharmed... for now.

G3) Umbra Base A
One of Umbra's bases. It is heavily guarded and difficult to infiltrate.

D1) Pokemon League
Formerly the pinnacle of trainers worldwide, the League has been driven out, and the tower has been made into Umbra's main headquarters.

I've designed the male protagonist, but I can't pick a palette that I want to use. Here's the 8 I've narrowed it down to:


There are many interesting characters to meet in Ikoto. Here are just a few:

You first meet Tye in Malachite City. He's a headstrong character, although he is very serious about battling and protecting his friends. He will constantly challenge you to make sure you stay on your toes.
His teacher is Blanc, the Malachite City Gym Leader.

Jennifer is a level-headed, studious girl who makes her residence in Diamond City. She's older than you, and she frequently helps you along your journey, sometimes giving you useful items, and other times battling you to keep you sharp.
She learns under Rockette, the Diamond City Gym Leader.

And the Gym Leaders:

Blanc, the Normal Type Leader

Rockette, the Rock Type Leader

Netta, the Bug Type Leader

Kor, the Ice Type Leader

April, the Flying Type Leader

Wyre, the Dragon Type Leader

Kenda, the Fighting Type Leader

Malus, the Psychic Type Leader

Over 80 new Pokémon!
A slew of new attacks and abilities!
A bunch of moveset changes!
A remodel of the Pokémon Center and Market (Although it currently uses the same tileset.)
The Pokémon center is no longer just for Pokémon either. At points in the story, you will actually be hurt.
People die. Because I'm allowed to do that. And it's a writing habit. People will die.

WinterKirby (Me) - Main Story, Events, Maps, Sprites
EmberFiraga - Music and sounds
SuperTreaz - Music
Pikakitten - Sprites
Bunni89 (Deviantart) - Sprites and Fakemon designs
Endrasa (Deviantart) - Fakemon designs
The guys who made the starter kit
Game Freak - Pokémon franchise
Enterbrain - RMXP
et cetera


People I need:
Spriters: I ABSOLUTELY need spriters. Since I'm adding fakemon, and I don't have very good artistic abilities, I need someone else to draw out the sprites for me.
Musicians: Also, to give it more of a feel of originality, I need music.
Scripters: Because I can't do that by myself.

No, I do not need mappers.

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If anyone else wants to make banners, go right ahead!
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