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    Originally Posted by JamesTehGamer9896 View Post
    These last couple of years have been a quite bumpy ride for Pokemon fans.
    On one hand there was Gen 4 which i thought was a great gen but overall many consider the worst and some even despise gen 4 then came remake of gen 2 which i thought was a nice addition to the series but en 2 is my least favorite mainly because i rarely play that gen and i just prefer the other generations but that's just m opinion. don't get me wrong i do like it but i have the least experience that's all.
    Gen 4? Worst Gen Ever? I think that title belongs to either Gen 3, due to the whole borderline between the fanbase, or Gen 5, due to the controversy regarding GF's unpredictibility. Besides, Gen 4 brought forth necessary evolutions and gave us the new physical/special mechanic.

    That said, GF would start working on Gen 6, but it'll take a while for the company to give us the games for the 3DS, so it won't be out next year as everyone is expecting it to be. A R/S/E remake is more popular choice, but how are they going to incorperate its story given how Emerald is considered to be canon, so they can't use Ruby and Sapphire's story where one team is the villain and vice versa. Then again, a year without a main Pokemon game would be a good thing, as it would GF enough time to create a wonderful next-gen game that'll hopefully surpass Gen 2's popularity and Gen 1's sales.