Thread: [Hack of the Year] Nomination Round - 2012
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    Best Mapping: Pokemon Light Platinum
    Best Scripting: Pokemon Light Platinum
    Most Graphical Appeal: Pokemon Light Platinum
    Best Story Line: Pokemon Light Platinum
    Best Gameplay: Pokemon Light Platinum
    Most Engaging Hack: Pokemon Light Platinum
    Overall Favourite: Pokemon Light Platinum

    This might look like I only played LP, but i did play other good hacks too, but let me give a few reasons why LP:

    1) The storyline can compete with black/white and black2/white2 (and seriously if you can achieve that, it deserves to be hack of the year, cos B/W and B2/W2 have a great storyline)

    2) The graphics are epic for a ruby hack. The cutscene when Arceus created the legendaries was just brilliant.

    Okay there were some evolution glitches, and sometimes team steam has too many repetitive pokemon (at the end there we like 50 fricken purugly in 1 building), but thats like nothing in comparison with how great this game is.