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    I'm just wondering what do you think that Game Freak could've added into the game, which, while it has a lot of great fixes and additions, could have done a bit more to improve it from its predecessor.

    Not Being able to fight your old character
    the story continues from the previous game, and while I understand why they didn't put the old Player Character in the main storyline because of those who didn't own Black/White, they should've at least let you fight against your original BW Ghestis or Hall of Fame team (and appropriately scale levels), even as an extra battle after the story. the Cheren/Bianca fights are cool, but not enough.

    2)Alternate costumes
    I'll admit that the one feature that really is awesome for me is the PokeStar Studios, and making mini movies that you can affect the outcome is awesome. one thing they really could have added as an extra would have been to let your character use their movie costumes in the overworld, even if it looked silly (Princess Rosa wouldve been awesome!)

    3) still can't swim!
    y'know, you'd think after 15 years, they'd let the main character swim, even if its in shallow water. and considering how awesome the new water area looks, it would've been nice to swim a bit, maybe add some new mechanics to find hidden areas or something while you swim?

    4) Dreamworld Blues
    this is a minor one, but still gets my goat. if when you add a dream world pokemon to your party, the pokemon joins willingly, but while you capture them, why do they still shake in the pokeball as if they're struggling to get out?

    well, that's my twopence on what they couldve done. what else do you think they couldve added/changed?

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