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    Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
    Is this the reason why summer blockbusters never win a lot of oscar awards? The summer blockbusters are what determine the quality and future of Hollywood because it's where some of the most memorable movies were released.
    Often the big tentpole summer movies pop up in the technical categories. If you look at the Best Sound Editing/Sound Mixing Categories over the years, you'll often find a lot of blockbusters in those. Best Visual Effects and sometimes Best Editing as well. I believe all three Transformers films were nominated for the Sound awards; the final Bourne film won both Sound categories and Editing when it was nominated. Batman franchise have been good with tech noms as well. This year, I can't imagine that Dark Knight Rises/Avengers won't be nominated for at least some of the nominations mentioned above.

    But as far as high-powered nominations go: Best Picture, Best Actor etc. unless the film has been rapturously received throughout the year, it's very unlikely that a summer movie will crack those top races. Which is sometimes unfortunate, as there are often a lot of hidden gems released earlier in the year that get swept under the rug come awards season.