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Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post
SU is done...I think? I am not sure if you require a description of the appearance or you just want a picture. If you do require a description of the avatar, I'd be gladly add that quickly. Other than that, it's done! Lemme know if I am missing something. :)


Madalyn Martinez

Gender: Female
Age: 22


Have you ever met someone who is super lazy? Madalyn considers herself as the biggest slacker people had ever met. If you make her do something, or if she has a big test coming up for a final exam, she'll slack off and won't do them UNTIL the last minute. And yet, she'll get things (even the most important) absolutely done. Part of her, however, she is very ambitious to her goals, both long term and short goal. She already achieved her biggest goal of all: graduating from college.

Around people in real life, Madalyn is very loyal and rapid. She talks very fast when she's very excited. She loves to see people happy, and is willing to make people turn that frown upside down if she sees one. However, she'll be the stubborn one herself when she feels sad, not letting anyone make her happy until she is unable to resist. She's also clumsy, making frequent mistakes and letting them happen on a much frequent basis. Her friends are used to her mistakes and her clumsiness, so she always feel confident in herself.

Madalyn has two main fears: darkness and heights (aka claustrophobic and acrophobia). She hasn't gotten over her two fears and she feels that she won't get over them in her lifetime. Even friends have tried to calm her down. But all was failed. She's also very secretive at times, hiding her obsession with Pokemon a million times from her friends. There are some things inside Madalyn that she refuses to uncover, which is why she loves to pretend she doesn't know anything about a certain subject, when in fact she does.


Born and raised in a beach town of Ensenada, Mexico, Madalyn grew up on water...well, not really. Her fisherman father owned a beach home south of town. Growing up, she always accompanied her father in several fishing trips every year, bringing home freshly caught fish to ship to supermarket chains all over Mexico. Her favorite food was obviously fish.

Madalyn was an only child. Her parents weren't even married. When her mother had Madalyn, she was barely 16. Her father was 17. She was on the verge to be put up for adoption until her father decided to raise her. Having to drop out of high school and to get a job as a local fisherman just to make ends meet with Madalyn. Her mother didn't agree with her father's plans, so at the age of 2, she moved to the USA to start a new life, leaving her only daughter behind.

Throughout her childhood, Madalyn loved Pokemon. She owned almost every game on every console. Her father even played Pokemon with her at times when they are together. It was also a reward for her success at school, achieving higher marks on most subjects except Math, which was her worst subject ever. The downside, however, Madalyn's friends don't know that she plays Pokemon, as it wasn't as popular in Mexico than in other parts of the world. She would always leave her game at home and wait to get home to play it. By the time she reached high school/college, she entered a Pokemon Tournament Competition held by the school's Associated Student Government. She told her friends that she'll enter, but pretending that she had no prior knowledge of Pokemon whatsoever. After sweeping every round in that competition, she won 1st, not only impressing her friends, but the whole city of Ensenada.

Entering University, she still kept her secret of Pokemon inside of her...despite winning several other local Pokemon Battle Tourneys. She majored in Marine Biology, because she was fascinated by marine life. After four years of university, she finally graduated, and her father gifted her a game she never thought of herself getting: Monster Art Online.

Her life was sweet. She got a job right out of college as a Marine Biologist, continued to become the best competitive Pokemon battler in the city, even while hiding her secret from her friends, and continued to follow the fandom as a whole. One day when she wasn't playing Pokemon, she decided to try out Monster Art Online.

She decided to create a brand new identity to cover up her real one, as she was afraid that people who know her would find her playing the game. For that, she created an avatar that's a lot different from her actual appearance. Her name was changed too, naming herself Parker...and her age was now 18 in the virtual world. She loved grass-types, and was intending on choosing Chikorita as a starter..but by accident, she chose Cyndaquil, naming it KC, right after her best friend from school.

Roleplay Sample

from Super Smash Bros: Augustine Rush - as Ariyanna Marie Soares
“Pika, pika, pikaaaaa...” An exhausted Ariya entered the forest, finally...after hours of practicing her Pikachu skills, given by the dragon Cammy. Her hands were filled with static, with thunder jolts ready to fire. She followed the riverbank as it lead north. She wanted to know where it headed, as it would determine how long the island was.

All of the sudden, she heard screeches...sounds she wasn't familiar with. Ariya panicked a bit as she continued the path with baby steps instead. Sounds of unfamiliar animals and possibly monsters. With her left hand filled with electricity, Ariya started throwing jolts at every side of her. All of them jumping away from her, and fading from feet away. Immediately one of her jolts hit something...or someone. The startled Ariya stood there numb, as the forest's breeze blew, through the loose green leaves. She used her quick attack skill to climb to the nearest tree, in order to cover herself from danger.

This thing was out to get her, it seemed. The panic inside Ariya was rising, so she quickly headed to the next tree near her, hiding inside the leaves. Taking half of her head, she decided to take at least a quick peek at the outside. “Pikaaaa...” she made a soft sound.

Voices can be heard. She was not alone on the island.

“Someone's here for me. Oh joy!” she whispered to herself “But wait...” she cringed at her thoughts inside her mind. She can't trust anyone just yet. She despises strangers. Afterwards, she decided to cross two other trees, and two to the left, moving farther away from the riverbank she was walking aside on, not realizing she was losing her sense of direction.

The breeze got colder and colder as she jumped from tree to tree. A couple more trees, as a matter of fact. But closer, the sounds she heard before, were closing in. It may be a large island, but she can hear basically everything. She decided to settle on the orange fruit tree, spotting two other...humans? It was some guy in the Mario costume and a Meta Knight mask & costume. He had wings too. As Ariya got closer to the edge of the branch, right above the Mario so she could listen to them talk, she took an orange and started to consume it.

The orange was so juicy, she thought as she peeled it. She tried gathering all her orange peels and placed them inside her jacket pocket, until she can throw them away later. Eavesdropping seemed to be her thing...or at least, Pikachu's thing.

Without noticing, the branch she was sitting on starts to crack quickly, while Ariya enjoyed her first orange on the island. The branch started to fall steep down with Ariya on it, and Ariya shrieked, letting go of her orange. She fell from the high branch, bumping to three branches in front of her. “Ow! Pika! Pikaooooow!”

Thankfully, it was not much of a long fall for her, landing face down right behind the Mario-costumed guy and the Meta Knight man. It was the best for sure that they noticed well as notice that they are not the only ones on the island.


Age: 18
Gender: Female

Pokemon: Cyndaquil [KC]
Level: 10
- Tackle
- Smokescreen
- Leer
- Ember

Since I don't see your whole character in the image, a description in text would be nice, yes :) It's just so that the other RPers can picture your character well and correctly~

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