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Real Name: Jaden "Jad" Mourad
Real Age: 17
Real Gender: Male
Personality: Jad is pretty nice in general, he loves to make friends and battle them in Pokemon games with his Nintendo DS. He likes the pokemon special manga too. He's nice, brave, strong,cheerful and justice, never gives up! Everyone likes him, but sometimes he may be stubborn...Jad doesn't like to lose to his friends in a Pokemon battle (DS) mainly to those he doesn't like.
History: Jad lives in St. Louis,Missouri on the United States but he was born in Orlando, Florida when his family were visiting Florida because of Disney Land. Jad has a older brother.older sister and two little sisters. He and his older brother are the only ones who likes Pokemon in their family.

Avatar Name: Jad
Avatar Age: 17
Avatar Gender: Male
Avatar Appearance: Jad has short black hair, black eyes, a red hat but his hair can appear a little, red and white jacked, black T-shirt, blue jeans (Of course It's blue! Lol) a tennis and a yellow bag with a Pokeball sign in it.
Starter Pokémon: Eevee lv.10. Helping Hand, Tackle, Tail Whip and Sand Attack.

Roleplay Sample: From: Super Smash Bros. Augustine Rush! : In the Beach, Randy just finished training. He already knows every move Kirby has. He's feeling like a boss! But this Camelia dragon, said to Randy that he wasn't alone. So he's probably not the strongest around the island.

''OK. This Island is pretty strange. And the best thing to do when your in a place you don't know is...exploring! I guess I should explore this forest. Huh? I see something in there.''

Randy ran to see the strange monster he just saw. It turned out to be a Koopa Troopa. Oh well...
''Well, nothing better to do REAL training. I guess I'll just get my powerful hammer and hit this Koopa Troopa.'' The Koopa Troopa went flying. Oh no...and there comes more Koopa Troopas. ''WAAAAAH!!!! I'M SOOOORRRRRYYYYYY!'' said Randy in a very loud noise and ran.

" Whew...I got off...'' TUM! Randy's stomach just growled. ''Ohhhhh....I'm without food...oh wait! A tree with Apples! Whew, I'm very lucky I guess I will rest here. I can make fire with those woods!"

Randy grabbed the Apples and ate them, and rested in the middle of the giant forest. Still a long way to go!

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