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Yep, you can have almost full customization of how the map will be rendered, and how you graphics are displayed. (In this case I disabled the sky and chose a flatland generator) You can also customize the generation stuff (How far away can chunks be rendered, how many chunks can be generated/degenerated a frame, ect.) Something which I don't think minecraft allows : D Anyways, I might see if I can thread the map generation to speed up the FPS a bit more, in the meantime this is a good start. (Considering I spent less than a day on this)

In the meantime if anyone get's an idea of an option (by option I mean things like rendering options, chunk options, game types, ect.) I may add it (unless it's either out of reach for now or is ridiculous)

Next stop, actually getting some physics done....

EDIT: Fixed very FATAL mistake which lagged up a lot of things: I increased the block size up a bit which not only makes the world seem bigger, it actually fixed some lag problems! (By lag I mean I need to load a lot less blocks and chunks)

Sooo with that said, I can officially announce that I have a successful endless terrain system! (With 100+FPS when loading chunks)

Alright so I am thinking about some things, and I would like to know which people prefer:

A custom (capped) amount of Chunk rendering (Meaning you choose exactly how many chunks can be rendered and maintained in each direction, under a fixed value: 100 (which would be insane to render that many anyways))

or what minecraft does (Large Range, Normal Range, Small, and Tiny Ranges)

I believe customization makes a game better to the users, so I am up for the first
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