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    Thanks for the review Astinus! I'll admit, I'm a bit... off when it comes to realizing where and how to punctuate quoted dialogue, but I will continue to keep your critique in mind when developing my future chapters!

    Yes! Traditionally, Digimon is centered around younger characters, but I think it would make for a much more interesting and emotional story if the characters were at least of legal age. This would leave room for more plots to do since the characters are capable of doing things that younger kids couldn't do (clubbing, drinking, relationships, etc.). I'm interested myself to see how things turn out as I write. (:

    As far digivolving, yes it appears a bit easy given the circumstances, but I plan to elaborate a bit more on that topic and much more down the road.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the first episode!

    To my anonymous readers as well, thank you! Episode 2 will (hopefully) be up pretty soon! I am currently in the process of mapping out each episode, figuring out what exactly I want to happen for each of the characters in the story. I promise to not disappoint you!

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