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Crash Bandicoot and Spyro? Yes yes YES. Those two series made my gaming childhood, I can remember spending countless hours playing the two games (as well as Pokemon), and I was really quite irritated at what the frachises have become.

Not only have they changed Crash's design completely, as well as an abundance of other characters' (which look horrible btw), but the levels and gameplay, just don't feel the same. I think for Crash Bandicoot, Twinsanity was its final quality game -- while the level style was more free roam, it still maintained a set structure and storyline and I loved the art and other extras you got for finding gems and completing tasks. The sounds and graphics along with the storyline were amazing too. A truly great game! After that however, the designs got horrible and the franchise fell to pieces imo.

That goes for the Spyro franchise as well. I lived and breathed Spyro, my favourite game being Gateway to Glimmer/Ripto's Rage, and when Skylanders came out I was infuriated. That game is sooo childish, (obviously because it's aimed at little kids), but why!? The series should've stayed loyal to its fans who have been playing its games from the very beginning. I understand the attempt to spice things up and gain more popularity by attracting the younger generations, but it's really given no oppoortunity for older fans to enjoy the series anymore. I loved when the games has one main boss and that's final. One game, one storyline, one boss. No, massive storylines that expand over three games. Boring. Ever since the games where Cynder and what not have been introduced, the games and the whole concept of Spyro has been damaged for me. Not to mention Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly was a disgrace. Not only was it short, it was extremely bland. I expect a lot more, especially if Ripto returned.

I'm really really disappointed. These were some of the most amazing games. It's just a shame they've been ruined. Hopefully a new team can pick up the pieces and rebuild not only these two series, but the older fanbase that have stayed loyal to them from their beginnings.
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