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    Soooo I'm brand new to ROM hacking, and having a little bit of trouble understanding how to add events and such. I'm messing around with LeafGreen (I hope this isn't a problem, I don't see many posts referencing it, but I assume it works the same as FireRed). I added a house on Route 1, and was going to include a warp to it's interior...

    To test I could even make a working warp, I just wanted it to send you into Oak's Lab back in Pallet Town, so I set the Warp No to 0, Map Bank to 4, Map to 3. File->Save. Then I try to change which map I'm editing, and it keeps prompting me to save the map... I click yes, it just keeps me on Route 1, try to change again: Save? Yes. Back to route 1... I booted the ROM up to test and it most definitely hasn't saved...

    Sorry if this is a bit ramble-ish, but I'd like to know why this isn't working, or how to actually save my new event? :x