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    Originally Posted by dreamengine View Post
    He already released two custom moves in the first posts, Draco Bullet and Wind Shatter I think
    Here are all the moves added to the game:
    355. Roost
    356. Brain Freeze
    357. Iron Wheel
    358. Bad Weather
    359. Hammer Arm
    360. Wake-up Slap
    361. Metal Blast
    362. Water Drain
    363. Wind Shatter (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres exclusive move)
    364. Matter Bend (Mewtwo, Mew exclusive move)
    *365. Fierce Beast (Raikou, Entei, Suicune exclusive move)
    *366. Fairy Voice (Celebi exclusive move)
    *367. Blind Slam (Regirock, Regice, Registel exclusive move)
    368. Draco Bullet
    369. U-turn
    370. Close Combat
    371. Ice Claw
    372. Assurance
    *373. Ocean Rift (Kyogre exclusive move)
    *374. Earth Rift (Groudon exclusive move)
    375. Venom Cannon
    *376. Purity Wave (Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie exclusive move)
    377. Flame Burst
    378. Sludge Wave
    379. Night Scream (Gastly, Haunter, Gengar exclusive move)
    380. Icicle Crash
    381. Scald
    382. Static Hit
    383. Copycat
    384. Volt Switch
    385. Mud Shower
    386. Struggle Bug
    387. Inferno
    388. Shadow Smash
    389. Bulldoze
    390. Drill Run
    391. Heart Break
    392. Heart Stamp
    393. Hurricane
    394. Flare Blitz
    395. Force Palm
    396. Aura Sphere
    397. Rock Polish
    398. Poison Jab
    399. Dark Pulse
    400. Night Slash
    401. Aqua Tail
    402. Seed Bomb
    403. Air Slash
    404. X-Scissor
    405. Bug Buzz
    406. Dragon Pulse
    407. Dragon Rush
    408. Power Gem
    409. Drain Punch
    410. Vacuum Wave
    411. Focus Blast
    412. Energy Ball
    413. Brave Bird
    414. Earth Power
    415. Switcheroo
    416. Giga Impact
    417. Nasty Plot
    418. Bullet Punch
    419. Avalanche
    420. Ice Shard
    421. Shadow Claw
    422. Thunder Fang
    423. Ice Fang
    424. Fire Fang
    425. Shadow Sneak
    426. Mud Bomb
    427. Psycho Cut
    428. Zen Headbutt
    429. Mirror Shot
    430. Flash Cannon
    431. Rock Climb
    432. Quiver Dance
    433. Leaf Tornado
    434. Draco Meteor
    435. Discharge
    436. Lava Plume
    437. Leaf Storm
    438. Power Whip
    439. Rock Wrecker
    440. Cross Poison
    441. Gunk Shot
    442. Iron Head
    443. Magnet Bomb
    444. Stone Edge
    445. Rage Powder
    446. Hex
    447. Grass Knot
    448. Chatter
    *449. Judgment (Arceus exclusive move)
    450. Bug Bite
    451. Charge Beam
    452. Wood Hammer
    453. Aqua Jet
    *454. Attack Order (Vespiquen exclusive move)
    *455. Defend Order (Vespiquen exclusive move)
    *456. Heal Order (Vespiquen exclusive move)
    *457. Head Smash (Rampardos exclusive move)
    458. Double Hit
    *459. Roar of Time (Dialga exclusive move)
    *460. Spacial Rend (Palkia exclusive move)
    *461. Light Void (Cresselia exclusive move)
    *462. Hyper Force (Regigigas exclusive move)
    463. Magma Cannon (Heatran exclusive move)
    *464. Dark Void (Darkrai exclusive move)
    *465. Seed Flare (Shaymine exclusive move)
    466. Ominous Wind
    *467. Final Exile (Giratina exclusive move)

    * = this move will not be available in DarkViolet because the Pokemon it can be learned by will not be in DarkViolet. However, the move will be available in planned DarkViolet sidequel & sequels.

    bold = new custom move that is not in the Gen IV or V games

    Yes, this means that there are a few moves programmed in DarkViolet that you won't even get to see. This is because the first thing I did is make a ROM base that has all these added moves. Future Pokemon Saga games will use the same ROM base, and thus the same moveset. (but if I ever figure out how to extend the Metronome limit to include the new moves, then you could theoretically see a move that is programmed, but no Pokemon will learn within DarkViolet)

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