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Ohh boy ;___;. There are some fourth generation Pokemon I dearly wish were never put into the game, but then again not all Pokemon can be perfect. Some are small, big, ugly, disgusting, weird, oddly shaped, strange, beautiful, there's always a bad bunch in every game sadly D:. For me the awful Pokemon consist of:

Purugly: I have to honestly admit, Glameow wasn't horrible in any way. Just your average Pokemon and actually quite cute, along with loveable :3. I thought it was a brilliant little creature, with sneaky moves like Fury Swipes, but then I saw this. PURUGLY. Uuuugh. It's the most hideous creature I've seen in the Pokemon series, with a smug face, huge body and no good concept in design or colours, this Pokemon takes my cake for the worst Pokemon ever. It's not too bad in battling aspects, as it proved to be a tough challenge when I took on the Galactic Commander Mars, but even stilll... ugh. Not a good Pokemon in my eyes.

Bibarel is a brilliant HM slave and proves to be useful, but as a member of your party, awful,awful,awful. Just AWFUL D:. Despite it's unique typing, it's stats weren't that good and it didn't prove much use in battle, the only thing I liked about it, was it's capabilities as a HM Slave.

Then there's it's design. The eyes, honestly scare me to death. They're huge and round with a little black dot in the middle. Like the saying "If looks could kill" goes, if that became true in the Pokemon series, Bibarel would easily knock any Pokemon huge or tiny, out in one go. It's body shape and the combination of certain parts, buck teeth and such,made a rather creepy Pokemon. I never had a fondness for either it's design or Bidoofs. Is that just me D:?

Wormadam Family: The Wormadam family in my opinion are awful bug types. They're simply rock-like creatures covered in either leaves, rubbish or dirt, which honestly doesn't score many creative points ;___;. I've tried using them before and found them difficult to use because of their shallow movepool and stats.

I could rant on about a whole lot more, but these are the ones that I particularly hate ;___;.
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