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Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post
And added! Hopefully that sums up what Parker looks like. :D
Indeed, unless I've missed anything else, you are accepted!

Originally Posted by Claire* View Post
I'll hopefully have my SU completed by tomorrow. :)

Originally Posted by Vato View Post
The CSS in the first post makes this RP look delicious yet somehow intimidating at the same time o.O I shall attempt to join anytime soon, assuming you won't be accepting everyone who's reserved a spot so far :P

PS. I'm back from the death... Fear me >:D
Vato! Glad to see you're alive :D heh, if people keep expressing interest, I might open up more spots. It's just that I wanted to set the limit somewhere and I've never made a RP with as much as 10 players before so I kind of want to start there :p

Originally Posted by Skymin View Post
Ill start *actually* writing my SU when I get home from work today. NINE TILL SEVEN BABY I LOVE CHRISTMAS

Also, since you wrote "another Pokemon game", can we assume that Pokemon exists in the real world already and since its set in the world, those who have already playe the games should have a general idea where to go?

Yeah, I assume you mean that the pokémon games exist, just like in our real world. Yes, they do :) This is perhaps around 2025 or something, when technology is just a liiittle more advanced and something like MAO is possible.

Originally Posted by gunnerpow7 View Post
Hmm... Since spots are full, I'm just going to reserve a reserve spot. I'm just going to work on my SU until spots clear up... hopefully.
I'll remember that you're interested ^^ for now I think you're... number three in line or something. I sure hope RPers aren't going to quit though ;D GMs never hope for that!

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