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Sorry for the delay, guys! It's our Sports Fest in school, and I just had to be there!

Originally Posted by LilJz1234 View Post
User Name: LilJz1234
Pokémon: Mew
Colour Palette: Black and White
Notes: Try to make it cute and evil at the same time please :D
Here you go, LilJz1234!

I made a bunch of 'em so you can choose. When you said cute, I added the spots, and when you said evil, I just had to put some red in there. Hope you found what you're looking for! If not, tell me if you want a redo. Thank you, and please, come again!

Originally Posted by Checkers_Albino_Umbreon View Post
Create Lil!

User Name: I think...waffles139?
Pokémon: Quilfish
Colour Palette: Palkia
Notes: Have fun!
Here you go, Waffles Checkers!

If this isn't what you wanted, ask me for a redo. Come back soon!

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