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Okay so you know on the Simpsons that uh hill thing where something related to Lisa and Mr Burns maybe proposed? IDR BUT IT'S THAT HILL OVERLOOKING SPRINGFIELD. In fact, somewhere like that was in my dreams once, except I know it wasn't that place but I know there was water in the front and it was orange-y cause the sun was going down, and there was grass nearby and behind so it was like at the edge of a bush idek, and the city was in the distance and it was kind of like a hill but not really, nevertheless it was perfect and I'm disappointed I don't have dreams like that anymore. Somewhere like there, with the sun going down and overlooking the city, orrrr early in the morning on a boat near the city buildings which look a lot like Black City. idk, this is very unlikely but it seems perfect!!

ALTERNATIVELY, anywhere with the sun going down will do really. :3

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