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    Day 10... Since exams were postponed due to the sportsfest and generally, being injured I don't need to participate... I spent the entire past days in a classroom playing chess and SPAMMING 2 DSs... One REing, one MMing... Ironically... I believe the Shiny Charm hates me... Because something shone today... But on a game WITHOUT Shiny Charm... I might not hunt for a while (if I can resist the temptation)... My shiny reaction has actually worsened my injury...

    See him for yourself:

    Either way... This is the BEST Christmas gift ever! Meh, the problem was I never got a video of it this time because I was at school... Either way, Everstone worked, It has a Modest nature, regrettably, it has Cursed Body instead of Water Absorb... But I guess it doesn't really matter. I'm EV training him as I type after transferring him to White 2.

    Anyway, this drought is over! Maybe I should go for Swift Swim Poliwag next? So, I wish you guys luck then! Congrats to NightOfRemorse's Shiny Chimchar! That was quite fast...

    May everybody else have a Merry Christmas! I guess I'll be returning all the luck I borrowed now! Good luck~
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