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Originally Posted by Derozio View Post
It is pretty darn late right now and I shouldn't really be online but I just wanna post this before I go - I'm really glad you decided to post a gallery. <3; I really like your works. And I can see you going a long way with some suggestions and a little bit of practice. Your second tag is so freaking good when compared to my second tag ever that it isn't even funny. XD;

But yeah, I'll make a proper post tomorrow. Really looking forward to you posting more of your stuff here. <3
I stayed up until dawn just to make it, so I'm happy that it's something you're glad about! :D And whoa! Thank you! I am honored. Seriously, it means a lot to me that you like some of the stuff I posted here. <3 I still have a long road ahead, but if you think that I can improve like that, then I will do my best. Loads of practice will probably do me good like you said. And seriously, it being my second tag really doesn't mean anything, since I've only like seven or so tags for the entirety of my PC lifespan. You could even count them with your fingers; that's how scarce they are. XD Nevertheless, I'm really flattered if you think that my second attempt at a proper tag looks good. <3

I hope I'll be able to update this as often as I can. It'll be hard, but I'll try.

Originally Posted by Isaac. View Post
I like them! With a little more you can be perfect XD
Thank you! I know I need more than that and I'll never reach perfection but I'm really happy you like these!

Originally Posted by Alexial357 View Post
I'm not all that good at critiquing graphics (I actually don't know anything about critiquing graphics, this is my first post outside of my own thread :x), but it's easy to see that you're very good at it! Great eye for color. I'm surprised you consider yourself inexperienced.

I'm totally loving the Mewtwo tag. Definitely gives justice to the character.

I'd like to see more from you! :3
Oh geez, thank you so much. And worry not. I'm in the same position. Don't know how to critique other people's work properly, although I wish I did. Oh and since you mentioned it, working with colors is definitely one of my favorite things to do with icons/tags, but my skill level in that aspect is nowhere near as good as I'd like it to be. I consider myself inexperienced because I don't even do this as a hobby; it's just so rare for me to do it. Plus I just pale in comparison to everyone else. ;;

I'm happy you liked that tag! I was aiming for that since Mewtwo's way too cool to be in a shabby tag. But yeah I think the whole concept of outer space/flashy psychic stuff came through somewhat. Though now that I look at it, I feel like some of the positioning could have been better.

This makes me feel really warm inside. I hope I don't disappoint.
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