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    I miss the "Always run" option from HG/SS
    as well as two key items on the bottom screen for quick access

    should've kept HG/SS's bottom screen and implemented the C-Gear like the PokeGear

    [QUOTE=Lapras*;7447232]It would be kinda cool to fight my old character, but I would prefer an explanation as to where I've gone, since it seemed as if Unova was in a crisis and the old hero was unreachable, which is kind of unrealistic? I mean, where could they possibly be? It's kind of alright that the old hero didn't show up since I like to imagine what my character was saying and what kind of personality they'd have almost, and I'm sure that's the reason why. But more of an explanation would have been nice.

    The BW character was looking for N, and N was looking for them, so it looks like they missed each other, since N returned to Unova
    "In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, much like Red's mother in Generation II and IV, she Touya/ko's mother] still resides in the same house and tells the player that her son/daughter is out in another region looking for N."
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