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Originally Posted by donavannj View Post
This is probably an exception to the norm, but my education on Vietnam was as follows, and this is definitely the personal bias of my history teacher coming into play: it was a military success, at least for the first couple of years, but a failure on the homefront. It was an unpopular war that wasn't even initially our problem - we quietly took the torch of the war from France after they withdrew in 1955, and the only thing we did until 1965 was to prop up our puppet state that was in the southern half of Vietnam, lest the Chinese overrun it and "infest" it with that vile thing called communism! ( ;P)

One other thing that doesn't get talked about at all, really, is the economic depressions and panics that happened in the US prior to the Great Depression, as well as between then and the 1980s.
When was Vietnam a success exactly? Thousands of people who should have had nothing to with the countries civil war jumped in due to a fear of communism and then the Vietnamese kicked our asses, that's what I learned. I learned a lot about The Great Depression, Roaring Twenties and Dust Bowel (because for some reason American History is part of Australian History classes...). What I would really like people to be more educated about is the Cold War (the unbiased version not the "Oh no the Russians have nukes" version or the "Oh the Americans have nukes" version". People need to learn about what happened in that period so tensions don't get that high again.

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