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The Ninetales had confirmed that it was indeed her who had sent the message to Zane. Now Zane waited for her to explain herself. She carried the emblem of the Gold Tribe, so she was either part of them, or had taken the emblem from someone. The Ninetales stopped about a meter or two from Zane. He exchanged glances with the others present, wondering who she was, and just then she revealed herself.

"As I said," Kasey began, her tone even, "all I need are answers." Kasey paused, debating just how blunt she should be with her next set of words. "I require answers about the fate of my brother, who I believe was traveling with you. My name is Kyusu Fuella Arashi, but most members of the Gold Tribe know me as Bane. My younger brother was Sainan, the one you would know best as Calamity."

Zane looked at her, surprised. He remembered that Calamity had told him once that he had other family, some that was also in the Gold Tribe. He had been looking for them as a secondary mission while they traveled through the land. This older sister must have been apart of the family. Her ability was interesting to Zane. He did not think he had ever met someone with those capabilities before, or at least definitely not a Ninetales. Nevertheless, the main reason she had come was for answers, and in the memory of his departed friend and brother, and the respect he would issue anyone family to those lost in war, whether Gold Tribe or not, he answered her.

"Your brother...Calamity...he lost his life in our last battle here in Albia. He sacrificed his own life to bring down the Sentinel Ignitus, who power we could not have stopped at that moment." He paused for a moment, letting the words sink in. He was never great at delivering bad news to those had to take it. He only wished he could add more comfort than what he said following this. "It was a death befitting one of the Gold Tribe. A truly noble sacrifice. He made his family and himself proud with his sacrifice."

Again, Zane paused to let it sink in, before speaking again. "I'm Zane Tyrael, known as Vigil, of the Gold Tribe. With me are Guardia, daughter of Rey, as well as Wildfire, Sword and Shield, Speculum, Gallant, Dryad, and..." He paused at the old Alakazam to try to figure out what to call him, before settling on one of the names he mentioned to him in the Catacombs, "...the Keeper. Us gathered here, along with about half a dozen more who will be with us shortly, are all that remains of the Gold Tribe. That is, to the best of our knowledge. I ask you, Bane, now that you know what became of your brother, what will you do now, sister of the Gold Tribe?"

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