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Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post

STarting Home Town Place, for Eon.
Everythign is related to the storyline and such.

@Derxwna Kapsyla
You're mapping skills are good, but it would help if the maps looked remotely like the ones you claim they are.

The mountains are very, very square, there needs to be much more variation in them. same thing with the trees. The fences are over used, there is no real need to mix and match them. The bottom two houses are in a really bad position, If they're only for space filling then break it up with something else. The bench tiles it's self is out of place and doesn't match the style.
Over all the placement of the useable buildings is actually pretty nice, but as a starting town there is too much going on. Street lights don't really work with the grassy town theme. The maps structure really isn't too bad it's just you need to work on the basic things, such as the mountain and tree placement.