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Hey Liljz from the baby pokemon club. So I saw this in your signature and thought what the heck is this? And it's awesome...
Well if it's possible with you could I get a Treecko, Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil and a Turtwig? I don't care which one. This might be a bit too much but can you trade me them?
Oh the game is Heart Gold and I added you already. :3 And message me what you want in return. :D
EDIT: My friend code is 2409-3411-0816
Pokeanalysis: You are very mysterious like the ocean abyss, choosing not to give away your true intentions and feelings. People don't know much about you, as you don't strive to be the center of attention like most people. You love your close friends and would do anything to protect them and defend them. You are kind and intelligent, and very powerful. You are a lover of peace and tranquility and hate meaningless violence. This makes you like Lugia!
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