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Monster Hunter.. I know they're releasing a couple of games in NA soon, but they tend to stay in Asia with all of their really good games. They might be waiting for their franchise to have a bigger fanbase in the west, but still, they have some of the best games imo. I want something like Frontier... ;-;

Originally Posted by dbp View Post
I love the Mother series as much as the next guy, maybe more considering the next guy may not even know what we're talking about, but I'd have to vouch against reviving it. Even with Itoi at the helm once more, there's a point where you can go too far. As a substitute, I would suggest a new series from Itoi if we wanted some more of that "Itoi magic". If that's successful, we could have a couple of sequels of that too, and then stop. Afterall, are we putting more value in Itoi as a writer, or are we just idolizing the brand he put out? There's a few good reasons why most movies only have 2 related sequels max. Anything after that is usually a cash grab, and/or falters in quality.
I agree with this. Mother is more of a group of gems that can't just be remade over and over again, else it would ruin the idea of the series. But Itoi is capable of making more games in the same vein as Mother due to his magical mind, and I would personally love that.
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