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    Pokemon following you: Quite possibly my favourite part about playing HG/SS, I'd love to see it again.

    Berry Trees Back: I quite liked this too, but I never had the motivation to actually use it properly.

    New Battle system: It would be nice to see if some new mechanics could be developed for battling.
    However, I didn't really enjoy Rotation or 3v3 battles.

    Multiple Regions : THIS. Either tracking back to a previous region or have the course of the story set over two new regions. Hell, they could make what region you start in version exclusive. They could really play with environments then.

    Battle Frontier return: Never really cared much for it honestly.

    New Starter types: Could make for an interesting change, I think. Either that or a change to now starters are received and how many are actually available.

    Dark type Gym Leader : I never actually noticed that there hasn't been a Dark-type Gym Leader. Suppose it doesn't matter to me so much anyways.

    Tournament instead of elite four: This could also prove quite interesting. The four trainers you would face on the way to the champion would be constantly changing, and I would suppose that each would have fairly balanced team, as opposed to the set type-based Elite 4

    Return of team rocket: I think Team Rocket's had enough of a go in the previous games.

    New eeveelutions: They should probably add them in until there's one for every type, thought I suppose that'd mean they'd have to bring in more evolutionary items and methods.

    New storyline: There's a few problems I have with the current story lines - for the most part, the age of the player's character. I find it hard to believe that a 10 year old would be capable of dealing with criminals, travelling on their own, and training and controlling up to 6 possibly dangerous animals at a time. I wouldn't mind if the stories also got a bit darker, and actually appealed to a older age group.
    Not only that, but there needs to be a bit more than 'collect badges and fight some baddies on the way'. It could be nice if pokemon had some more edge to it.