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    Well, of course, it'd be nice to see a R/S/E remake before they progress onto another generation. Not only that, but based on GameFreaks model for New Gen Vs. Remake, it's probably going to happen.

    Not only that, but that extra time spend remaking the game is also going to give them time to think out the new generation. Understandably, remaking a game isn't going to be a walk in the park, but, surely it's easier than a new generation. They don't have to design new pokemon, already have a range of locations to use and a viable story to draw from.

    GameFreak should do the remake. People have been showing interest in a R/S/E remake since Black and white were released - speculation probably started when the G/S/C remakes were announced. They'd make money off it, and it'd be less effort than having to start from scratch on a new generation.