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Intro: Hey im Mitch im a 14 year old secondary school student in my 9th year, I live in the north east of England. My intrests are video games and anime I also enjoy some sports. My goals in the future are to be a established author and a animator for things like games and cartoons, obviously I know these careers may be difficult to co exist so i have to make a choice soon, i also love to draw.

1. i like most Pokemon gamers now am playing black\white 2 so im untreated in joining in on the fourms for that but also just joining in Pokemon games discussions in general

2. Id like to join a animation disscussion as there is a lot I need to learn, im also interested in writing.

3. Make friends, learn more about animation and art, also in the next week once my 3ds is here and my team is done ill be joint in black/white 2 WiFi battles.

Added info: obviously as a student I have to go to school and I would prefer not to come online early morning before school so im avalible and time after 3:30pm UK time quick is 8:30 in the U.S for states in the same area as Kineticut (that's all I know on us times) I stay up late so ill be avalible alot. I also acess PC over my phone so anywere I am I can log on

As a added info the mentors I like the look of are cirno, kura and leaf storm