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    Hanso SharpEye

    "Do you realize what you have done?"

    "What?" Hanso folded his arms, staring back at the mirror image of himself. "You should know what I'm trying to do here."

    "And what is that, exactly? How does telling the enemy what the Gold Tribe's doing help?" Hanso opened his mouth to say something, but the other continued. "They have at least four Sentinels left and an army, if not armies, of Ancients. What would you do if they somehow showed up outside Albia right this moment?"

    He tried answering again, but his alarm was going off.

    Hanso opened his eyes, not feeling much better than when he'd lied down. It was time to meet up with the others. He swung out of bed and opened his pack, pulling out his emblem and Penance's letter. His hand moved to put on the emblem, but it hesitated. Hanso wouldn't call himself crazy, even if he had been talking to himself in his sleep, hopefully without saying anything aloud. Still, that one conversation served to show that he had doubts about what he had in mind.

    Hanso shook his head. Snap out of it! He put the emblem on and, pack on and letter in hand, left for the gates of Albia.


    He was some yards away when Hanso realized that a Ninetales was present and talking to Zane. He caught the glint of gold coming from the newcomer: one of the Gold Tribe. A Ninetales...didn't they often have abilities not common to other Pokemon? Gonna have to be careful around her...heh. I'm gonna have to be careful around all of them. Hanso's face remained neutral, however, or as best as it could. He was closer to the group when he heard Zane say, "...Us gathered here, along with about half a dozen more who will be with us shortly, are all that remains of the Gold Tribe. That is, to the best of our knowledge. I ask you, Bane, now that you know what became of your brother, what will you do now, sister of the Gold Tribe?"

    To the best of our knowledge. Hanso shook his head. No, Brynn had to be alive, somewhere. "You can count our number one less, Zane," Hanso said, holding the letter out. "At least for now."

    Dear Gold Tribe,

    I am sorry to do this, but I must head to Cape City immediately. I know of some people there that can help us in this dire hour. You all cannot come, that is the way this must be. I need to prepare for your arrival and all, so just trust me in this. I ask that you all keep an open mind about what happens there, that is all I can ask. You won't be able to find me on your own, trust me with that. There will be a pokemon there who knows all about Cape City. Find him or those associated with him and you'll find me quite easily. I am very.... connected with him. Anyway, I wish you all good luck on your journey.