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    I've had gaming experiences that have taught me to never downplay a game due to bad graphics. Because of this, graphics mean very little to me now; so does storyline, for that matter. It's a wonderful bonus if a game has a heart-wrenching, heroic tale or two, don't get me wrong. But to me, the main aspect of any game is the gameplay.

    I love games that mercilessly challenge the player; I eat up games that require extremely high levels of technical consistency.

    But the main thing I enjoy about games with inhuman skill caps is the fact that I know I'll never finish them. All the time invested into the games that you can finish is ultimately wasted, as you'll rarely pick up that game again
    -- you beat it, congratulations.


    Now what?


    NEW GAME! $$$


    The thing about highly technical (like, really stupidly hard), multiplayer games is that the time and effort you invested will always be worth something. You'll never master the game, so you'll always be able to apply the things you learned without it being boring, no matter how much you improve.

    Finding games with these qualities is beyond difficult. But if you happen to find one, you'll end up saving yourself those endless hours spent on the commercial games we breeze through in today's gaming industry... and a lot of money, too. ;]
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