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    Hnnng.... I better start writing up an awesome SU..... hahaha... Will add it here and do edits here.

    The "REAL" WIP Sign-Up Sheet

    Real Name: Cress Yoshikawa
    Real Age: 21
    Real Gender: Male
    Personality: (shaping your History gives way to your personality, people! remember this! xD) (Oh yes.... and SUBJECT TO CHANGE through the RP)
    In the past, Cress was energetic, a bit clumsy to a fault, and an amiable friend to everyone. He enjoyed the company of people and many enjoyed being with him. Cress was almost always poking his nose in other people's affairs that usually caused him unwanted troubles, but he would brush it by and continued where his curiosity took him. He grew up from a child rather normally... one would think.

    As the years went by, they showed Cress the disgusted eyes of people whom abhor his split nationality and foreign father, which in turn, carved the path to his introverted personality. He rarely engages in any form of talk, especially at school, unless addressed to and his usual cold self drives others away. He tries to maintain a mature attitude possibly too much for his age sometimes. A skill he's picked up is zoning out noises from his surroundings allowing only for his selective hearing. Cress' priorities involves keeping himself away from the center of attention, which he has done well with over the years, and secretly mastering his craft of electronics knowledge, kendo and naginata training. Cress proudly carries his family heritage with pride but should anyone attack it, Cress has been known to enforce it with his fists. On a small note, when Cress gets embarrassed... he starts acting like a little kid and denies not being embarrassed or the such.

    About the only few who Cress opens up to are his parents but lately, an old friend of his has been changing him slowly but surely with the happy-go-lucky demeanor he carries about himself, which Cress finds annoying. Cress is a bit dense and extremely inexperienced when it comes to the matter of love(well obviously lol), something his friend points out all too frequently. Cress enjoys being fast paced, a trait he received from his mother, with his work and doing things with the utmost effort from his father's teachings. 'If one was to do something, why not do it once with the most effort rather than try again with wasted effort?' was the motto Cress' father used and it stuck well with him.

    As the story progresses, Cress begins to feel differently about himself and maybe he was blaming his reasons for being hated by people because of how he assumed they thought. Being overly cautious might not had been the best idea but Cress will begin to learn ways of finding the answers he seek through his actions and not his emotions alone. The game begins testing his own inner self as it battles through the walls he has created.

    History: (Hm.... whats a good State to put in.... I dunno... may as well put where i am lol Sacramento, California, USA)
    Cress was born between a Japanese father and an American mother. Cress's father was visiting the United States for business where he fell in love with his mother, an electronics expert and hobbyist graphic artist. A few years later, the marriage came and the birth of Cress.

    Cress lived his childhood rather nonchalantly, enjoying his mother's love and his father's presence. There were many children his age who did the usual children's thing, playing around, making fun of girls they liked but didn't know they liked and etc. But... with age comes perception. Cress noticed his difference from the teens of his age with many not having mixed blood. This difference from his peers, due to his father's Japanese heritage despite having most of his mother's looks, made Cress feel out of place. Throughout his middle school years, the young man dealt with much of the oppressive feelings on his own and should his mother ask him of troubles, Cress would only put on his facade and ease her worries away.

    Despite it all, Cress would gain two things, one each from his parents, that made him more confident in himself. First, was his great interest in electronics as his mother did, and he would frequently pose questions to his mother of problems he could not comprehend only to find that the answer was a simplistic approach. Cress and his mother shared this moment together in bliss. Second, was an interest in the art of Naginata and Kendo of which his father taught him. Being a former Naginata and Kendo practitioner, Cress' father soon gave up the arts to pursue a business degree to secure a better life for him and his family in the future. Though rusty, Cress' father would occasionally remember the arts with an unused wooden pole around the gardening shed. One fortunate night, Cress saw the arts and was captivated. Surprised, Cress' father decided to teach him, despite having doubts in the first place. Cress picked up the training quickly but his build couldn't handle excessive training yet. Eager to learn the arts, Cress encouraged himself and his father to train together and in turn, built a new bond between child and parent. Between electronic tinkering or training, Cress felt his worries vanish... ... although the reality of things was still lurking nearby... ...

    In the recent days, Cress has been annoyed(he feels he's annoyed) by an old but friendly acquaintance from his elementary years and greeted by a long forgotten childhood friend, whom has an unrequited love for Cress. With the launch of MAO, Cress and his two friends, although he won't openly admit it yet, decided to try it together. Cress was already knowledgeable about Pokemon and played many of the games to understand many of the mechanics behind it but felt the MMO would be a new challenge. After obtaining a NerveGear and copy of the game from his mother, whom had connections to get it before the release, Cress finished his registration early waiting only on his friends to finish theirs... ... ... The journey... is about to begin...

    As the story begins, Cress finds out that his two friends are missing, causing him much concern. Their names didn't appear on the Monolith that showed the names of people who had perished in the game, which relieved him greatly, however, that still doesn't mean they would be safe. Unable to find them in Cherrygrove or New Bark, Cress is left with the only option... of going forward. Still retaining much of his real self, Cress could only progress and take on the new world as much as he could. From the shattering images of random people he didn't know to the echoing voices that soon silenced, the game began molding his personality into something different but Cress knew things would have to change and staying the same wasn't going to do him any good. Life is all about adapting to change and can Cress do such a thing... only time would tell.

    Avatar Name: Cy; the C from Cress and Y from Yoshikawa
    Avatar Age: 21
    Avatar Gender: Male
    Avatar Appearance: --> Character WIP <--
    Cy stands at about 165 cm in height coming to an amount of 5' 4" give or take some while weighing a good 149 lbs. Cy likes his natural small build and feels an overly burly body was a distraction to himself despite it being just a game. His hair is a jet black hue, something he had longed to do to his hair but couldn't in respect of his mother, and it fell to his shoulder's length. The hair is tied near the end into a small ponytail bundle with a thin blue ribbon and rests on his left shoulder while his bangs, a few centimeters short of his Amber eyes, parts halfway from his forehead to each side fanning outwards and getting relatively longer. His pale skin specs are kept intact to maintain a level of relativity.

    Cy's upper body is dressed in an unzipped Black hoodie over a Gray T-Shirt and his lower body, a Light Brown Cargo pants. A pair of black Nike tennis shoes can be seen on his feet with white socks reaching just above the collar of his shoes. On the left wrist, hidden beneath the hoodie's sleeves is a waterproof watch while both of his hands are fitted with black finger-less gloves. Upon the right side of Cy's custom fitted black belt are specially designed magnets that can hold up to the usual 6 pokeballs, while on the left is a brown pouch for his earnings. Cy also carries a dark blue backpack, for his other necessities that are too large for him to carry on hand, over his left shoulder most of the time.

    Starter Pokémon:

    Ability: Speed Boost ( cause I can't have it in real life! T-T )
    Nature: Brave-
    From pecking to fire-breathing, the little Blaze isn't afraid! ... ... Maybe things should be kept that way... for now...

    Skill set:
    Scratch - Growl - Peck
    Focus Energy - Ember - Mirror Move(fails with extreme success)

    Roleplay Sample:
    Prologue: ~A Normal Sunday Morning...?~

    *Bzzzzzt Bzzzzzt.... Bzzzzzt Bzzzzzt...*
    A light vibration and noise came from the cell phone device that sat on top of the bed sheets of an empty navy blue bed. The morning sun rays phased through the thin window curtains and illuminated the room where the phone rested. The tan painted walls was filled with wall scrolls featuring electronics, games, and many other things, while the single desk, where a desktop computer stood on, danced with the rebounding rays of light. The smell of dew scurried through the small opened window and settled in the motionless haven before fading away. As the phone continued making it's intended noise, the door across from the bed softly squeaked, followed by the silhouette of a young man who made his way across the room not too briskly nor too slowly. Reaching down to pick up the phone before settling himself down onto the soft, tan, carpet floor, he pushed the accept button upon the device and raised it to his ear.

    "Cress Cress! You finally picked up!" An energetic voice echoed through the cell phone. Cress yawned to himself but before he could reply back, the voice spoke up again. "Well, are you online yet? I'm logging in in a sec. Prim just texted me that she was waiting for us before she does so too." The excitement in the voice could be heard and Cress wasn't surprised. He was rather nervous and excited at the same time.

    "Okay Gale... I'll give Prim a call and then log in." Cress replied back to his friend.

    "You better text her. She'll probably freak out and won't say anything if you talk to her directly. Anyways, I'm logging in!" Gale commented before chuckling to himself and eventually ended the call. Cress knew Gale was right and though he wasn't sure why, Cress decided to text her. A few beeps and taps on the phone came and went, and within a few seconds, Cress pressed the send button before he laid the phone on top of his desk. Returning his computer off sleep mode, Cress began connecting all the wires of the NerveGear to the mainframe of his computer and made sure there was a working signal for the internet. After finishing his set up for the game, his phone beeped once more causing Cress to reach towards it. On the screen was a message from the one that was called Prim. Cress glanced at it and a small smile appeared on his face. Carefully grabbing the NerveGear device that was resting on the side of his computer, Cress brought it over his head and slowly placed it on. He laid back down on his bed before taking a deep breath.

    "Phew... ... Okay... Here we go..." Cress murmured to himself before closing his eyes. The message he saw from Prim lingered for a second. 'Ok! Let's do our best. ()'

    "... Link Start!"

    Okay.... not so very awesome.... kind of bland.... bleh. Tell me if you want more fancy pants RP Samples or whatever...
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    Confusing? Betcha.
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