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“Annabeth,” Ari flashed a goofy looking smile as she walked up to the me. “You know what you should do? Dance. Maybe with a boy that can stand the sight of you… Dear god, what are you wearing? Clearly you would’ve been better off in that maid’s outfit.”

I sighed, I had no idea what to address first. Her mutilation of my name or the insult on my clothes. Steven pat my shoulder, I already knew what that meant: Time to see the head sword. "Look Ms Tramp I..." She had already walked off though before I cold get my words out. "Wow she bothers me a lot!"

"Well don't do anything about it, no need to get in more trouble than you are already in." He smiled brightly, but I noticed that Ari had walked straight to Tobi. "Seems she is taking a liking to that young sword, uh Tobi right?" I remembered that it would make sense for Steven to know Tobi as they were both swords, "Good kid, hope he doesn't get caught in anything bad involving that girl."

"Knowing Ari, he probably is. Let's go see your boss and just have a good time." I was passed annoyed now, Ari was up to something and I just knew it would infuriate me in some way. "Do you think they have coffee somewhere?"

Steven looked around, "I wouldn't imagine there to be any, considering it is late and we are not at a cafe." He laughed a bit, "I don't think you should have anything that gives you energy anyways." I swear coffe must come with a label that say keep away from Annabelle!

"Whatever, let's talk to Marcus and then I can get some cocoa." I sighed deeply, it wouldn't be right to punch or kick Steven now, I mean he gave me time to run hours ago. Might as well see what the old guard wants.

We walked up to Marcus and Steven immediately stood at attention out of respect, "Hello sir! I have brought Mistress Annabelle as requested, on accounts of assault, stealing, and public distress." I did no sign of respect nor disrespect, I simply stood there as he listed my misdemeanors.

"Not to say that I take pride in my work, but those accounts of "assaults" were mostly against boys and I beat them in a fair fight! Also I didn't steal anything, I came when the stores were closed and needed food, so I borrowed some. I paid them back! Oh and when is yelling and starting a fight in public a crime!?" I felt I needed to explain myself, so I wouldn't sound like a common delinquent. "If it is any consolation also, I came to see you instead of beating up another guard." Steven kind of laughed at that, but he was trying to stay in a respectful, serious position. I noticed Ari looking this way, seemingly distracted.

Needless to say a wicked smile came upon my face, "Hey uh Marcus, I know I'm probably going to get in trouble or something, but I have a question. Can I talk to you privately for a sec?" Steven caught the hint and likely my smile and backed off. I lowered my voice, "I want to dance with a boy here, but you see I have no idea how, could you, uh probably show me?"
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