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    Bibarel: I don't like its design.

    Gible: Looks like a ball.

    Snover and its evolution: Seven weaknesses. One is x4 weakness to Fire. One of the most popular types. Furthermore, Abomasnow looks like an ugly yeti.

    Lake trio: Three little cute legendaries. Each of them is almost the same pokemon. Same type, same body size. Only little differences in design and and a variety in stat distribution. Not to mention they weren't the only Psychic legendaries introduced this gen.

    Pachirisu: Useless little squirrel.

    Burmy and its evolutions except Mothim: They are just too ugly.

    Croagunk: I don't like the smile on its face. Looks stupid.

    Heatran: Bad design.

    Purugly: Pure ugly or fugly.

    Prinplup: It's NOT an owl. It's a penguin.

    Shellos: Annoying pokemon to run into in the wild. I also find it a little disgusting. Looks like its made of slime.
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