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Kyusu "Kasey" Fuella Arashi
Gold Tribe
Answers upon Life's end

Kasey relaxed as the Bisharp explained the end of her brother. She wasn't sure why, but perhaps she had just been anticipating something more . . . depressing. The entire event in itself was depressing, but something about the fact that her brother had gone willingly was settling. More so than a gruesome demise, at least. It was, however, curious that her brother would go so willingly. Knowing Sainan, Kasey could almost see his thought process that would have been streaming through his mind at that point, but even so it was tragic.

"Endairel is going to be heartbroken," Kasey muttered so quietly that she was sure no one in the area could hear. "She never even got to tell Sainan . . . ," she trailed off before she could finish the thought.

Kasey was faintly aware of the Bisharp, Zane, introducing himself and his companions. "I ask you, Bane, now that you know what became of your brother, what will you do now, sister of the Gold Tribe?" Zane questioned, snapping Kasey out of her reverie.

Kasey pondered her options, staying silent for a small moment. Obviously she would have to inform her family of Sainan's death, being that she was the only one that was even aware that he was gone. She might be able to do that through telepathy, but she doubted that she would be able to establish a link over such a vast distance. She might, however, be able to locate Rai to send him a message. Knowing him, it wouldn't be all that surprising if he happened to be right outside of Albia with his little band of fighters that he had recruited.

While she thought, a Gallade walked up to Zane and handed him a note. Kasey ignored it for the moment and decided to try something while Zane read.

She closed her eyes and focused, reaching out her aura in order to sense that of her brother's. A faint charge of static electricity flowed through her fur, causing it to stand on end for a split second. She could feel her power flow out through her and into the earth, causing the auras of all the nearby creatures to flare up in her mind's eye. There were many life forces flowing throughout Albia, although some were much weaker than others. None of them were her brother. She extended her reach to the areas surrounding Albia, continuing to allow it to spread until she reached her limit. At that point, she stopped and focused. She could sense the faintest hint of her brother on the outskirts of her influence.

She recalled her aura and opened her eyes, taking in the cool breeze. Her brother was close, relatively speaking, but he was not yet close enough for her to establish a telepathic link. If she was lucky, he would wander in her direction within the next few days, but her brother was reckless and unpredictable, so she wasn't counting on those chances very much.

Kasey took a breath and glanced up at Zane as he had finished reading the letter. "To answer your question, Vigil, I am unsure. I must deliver the news of his death to my family, but they are a long journey away from here. My other brother, however, may be heading in this direction as we speak, but that I am also unsure of. For now, I will remain here in Albia and see if I cannot establish a telepathic connection with him and his group of fighters. If I can, then . . . ," Kasey glanced around at all the Tribe members that were gathered. "Then maybe I will take up travel with you, if doing so would be convenient for both parties."

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