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Originally Posted by Derozio View Post
Haha, all this discussion about resolutions reminded me of what PC users and console users generally talk about -

Anyway, that's beside the point. What I wanna say is that while I do agree with the fact that what Counterfeit is saying is morally correct because taking screenshots actually DOES kind of go against the whole point of a competition where people are judged based on every kind of positive and negative aspect of the work they put up to be judged, I'm still gonna say I'm against this idea of not allowing screenshots. At least till all the participants are not aware of a standard resolution that they are supposed to work with. You said people posting screenshots are actually being lazy by making stuff which does not cater to the people who use lower resolutions JUST because they don't want to go the extra mile. They should be judged on it because if they aren't, it wouldn't be fair. And then you made that analogy with a webpage. It all sounds good when you hear it, but, like I said earlier, it is not practical. I checked out all the profiles a while ago. And let me tell you this - All of them are screwed if a person with lower resolution like 800x600 decides to vote. Not even your profile is spared, Counterfeit. Alright, so you think I'm being particularly stubborn because all I did was view it on the lowest resolution possible - 800x600. But guess what? Leave two-three, out of seven profiles I checked, all were messed up even on 1024 x 768. What, do you think, should a person do? Cater to 800x600? 1024x768? Or maybe go for the next resolution? The whole goddamn problem is the fact that the designer isn't aware of any standard resolution. Everything in life works in standards. You can't build a building without a base on which it can stand. Can you really blame an artist for not designing his work according to liking of person who is gonna judge him if he doesn't even know what the person in question likes? All you're doing here is thinking about what is morally correct and what isn't. But you can't deal with things in life if you think about morality every-time. You need to see if what you're saying is practical or not. A person CAN make a profile which caters to a moderate resolution so that it actually looks good on lower resolutions without being messed up and work equally good with moderate resolutions. But it should work both ways. What if a user with a monitor resolution of 2k+ comes to vote? Won't the profiles which have been designed specifically for moderate-low resolutions look relatively ugly to them? It isn't a problem with me because I'm not using that but what about others? You have no way of knowing that because nobody bothered with a poll asking them about their resolutions. They have every right not to vote for people who worked so that their profiles look good on low-mid resolutions and vote for those who worked accordingly for higher resolutions. See what I'm saying?

But all that is moot. Because most profiles I see in this competition get messed up on lower resolutions. Probably 3 don't JUST because they haven't actually used the perks they have received due to them being supporters to their limits. A contest which judges people's profiles should actually judge them according to how well the aspirants have worked with the tools at hand. If you have the resources and you still haven't used them, what's the use? People who've used McPadding or other stuff like using transparent profile pictures/profile videos (which are really big departures from non-supporter profile and are, basically, what characterizes supporter profiles) are screwed just because they tried to use whatever was available to them to their fullest? Now that isn't what I would call fair either. So I'm supposed to laud a simple profile which works equally good on all resolutions with little-to-no customization and just leave complex profiles, which the designers worked their asses off by utilizing every tool available to them as efficiently as they could in order to make it as visually pleasing as it can get, be? Is that fair?

What I suggest is that, apart from making it mandatory to view profiles on the default vbulletin style, a standard resolution should first be decided every contest so that the designers can work accordingly. The most voted resolution wins. Everyone should set their resolution to this selected resolution before voting. People with lower resolutions have to deal with screenshots. Everybody can't be catered to. If those people with low resolutions decide against voting for people they think made their profiles lazily and not according to what they want, they can just vote someone else. Nobody is being forced to vote anyone. But, as things stand right now, it would be unfair to people who made profiles on larger resolutions if they don't get votes just because the voter uses a low resolution. It won't be their fault because they never had a standard resolution to work with.

I don't care either way. If you like my profile, vote for me. If you don't, don't.
Originally Posted by Pokestick, good times. View Post
Now, about these resolutions... I know some people use PC on their phones. I do at times.
And usually, the resolutions there just aren't that great (what I have can't exactly be called a smartphone, let's put it that way), which, as a result, means most profiles look absolute crap on it. Does this mean we should have to make our profiles look good on phones, too? I sure hope not, because that would not only be a pain in the neck, but also be greatly damaging to our artistic vision and the tools given to us by PC.
I can code fluid web design. I know how to make a website presentable on any device, pretty much no matter the resolution. Web coding wise, it's actually pretty easy if you put your mind into it. But PC doesn't allow that. PC profiles follow a certain set of restrictions, and how you use these IS the contest. The point of the contest is seeing how creative we can be with the restrictions and tools given to us. Asking us to make sure the profile works on any resolution massively reduces what we can do. Fitting websites to all resolutions is a web developers job, yes, but shouldn't be required from profile makers on PC. Because the way profiles work on this site makes that virtually impossible if you want to make something elaborate out of it.

Personally, I think you should be able to provide screenshots for those who can't see the profiles properly. Because they're still made solely with the tools provided to us. We have to use vBulletin Default when we view profiles for a reason. It's to make sure everyone sees the profiles in the "right" way, without styles getting in the way. Why should resolutions get to?

If someone felt like not voting for someone because the profile doesn't look optimal on their resolution, that's up to them.
But that means I could really just log onto my phone and deem every profile inadequate because it doesn't look right on that device.

I know much of this is practically what Derodero said, but they're damn good points IMO.
Wowee, and to think I was worried it might have seemed like I was over-thinking it. o_0

Unless you're both taking the piss. x'D

In case you're not though, which is seeming more and more likely every second, forget everything I said; I'd rather not have to form a reply to those walls when the concept is so simple. ^o^;;

In retrospect BinaryPeaches' reasoning in their last post was perfectly sound anyway:

I think, if anything, Dero should have worded his post differently so he wasn't catering to those with 'lower screen resolutions' but rather to the more common reason why people screenshot their profile.
The argument should have ended there really; I can think of countless times that I've had issues with people not being able to view my customisations properly.

And on that note, here's mine.
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