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Adam Randi - Justice Arcana

"I can't believe that I'm actually here," Adam said with his hand to his face, clad in a tuxedo shirt and pants.

"Please, you needed something to do today, that's why you asked me!" Said the lovely Mina with a rather expensive looking dress on, a blue one with silver heels, clinging to his arm.

"Don't make stuff up!" He retorted, "You dragged me here and made me wear my dad's tuxedo- and my normal clothes would have been perfectly fine, by the way." That was pretty much the story. Mina ambushed Adam on his way back to the mansion and forced him to go with her to the ball, knowing that he definitely didn't have anyone else to accompany him. He couldn't really refuse because she since she did a lot for him that same morning, and she was a good friend he didn't want to piss off.

"Well, I've never been to a ball before," Mina said with a smile. "I've never been in a place this luxurious and grand. Everything about this place just makes me envy you so much! I'd live here if I could!" She was getting far too excited for Adam to handle...though he did consider that maybe he was underplaying the situation. The mansion did seem a lot fuller than normal, and clearly a lot of work went into decorating. He decided to indulge Mina, as she was a good friend of his, despite dragging him to a place he definitely didn't want to be, there was no since and boring her when she was already so mystified.

"So, then..." Adam paused for a moments, scratching the back of his head. "You...uh..." He looked in another direction, feeling uncharacteristically awkward about the situation. "You want to dance?" Mina looked at Adam with a rather strange look. It was as if she was trying to see exactly who it was who asked her the question, as if she didn't recognize that it was Adam; if she wasn't mystified before, she definitely was now. Adam looked at Mina and then turned away and said, "W-what's the problem?" Mina didn't respond.

Instead, she seemed to be looking around for someone. Then, when she found...whoever it was she was looking for, her eyes widened. "Hey, who's that guy over there?" She said, pointing to someone. Adam looked in the target of Mina's pointer finger to find Aerous. "He looks kinda like you." She said, looking at Adam, looking to Aerous, and looking back to Adam. "Kinda. I want to meet him, what's his name?"

Adam was taken aback by all of this; he wasn't exactly sure why she looked at Adam like she did without giving a response and then immediately asking about someone else...but like before, he decided to indulge her. "His name is Aerous. I don't think I've ever had a formal conversation with the guy. All I know is that he's a high ranking member of Sword and-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Mina pulled Adam by his arm towards the stairs. It was a little embarrassing to Adam, but he couldn't exactly stop her. She stopped in front of Aerous and said, "My name's Mina, would you care to dance?" Adam was rather shocked by the fact that she completely disregarded exactly what his job was at the moment. He wasn't sure if she didn't know or if she didn't care, but he had to admit, she was pretty bold.
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